A fun, educational healthy eating game!

The magic trick to getting kids to eat, know and LOVE veggies and their growing bodies!

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The Healthy Little Eaters game!

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Match colour coded boarders!

Children learn by simply matching colour coded borders. Match the green cards to discover that celery is healthy for strong superhero bones!

Make the giant floor puzzle!

Flip the matching cards over to make a giant floor puzzle. A puzzle that shows kids how fruits and veggies look like their body parts! Perfect for visual learning.

Play the memory game!

To consolidate learning, children love to turn this game into memory or 'go fish'. Simply place the cards face down - the puzzle side up, and take turns to match the healthy food with their correct body part. Player with the most matches wins!


After playing the game, my daughter told me the whole evening which vegetables related to which body part. I am amazed she even tried raw broccoli. Thank you for getting her so enthusiastic about fruit and vegetables.

Michelle - Mum

Thank you!! We received our delivery today and I just played a round with my 6 year old and he loved it!! He had a great time and I got a big kiss and thanks mum. Very happy little guy!! Now he is talking about what veggies go with which body parts!! Xx

Canice Harridge -Mum

Healthy Little Eaters is the perfect fun way to get kids to learn about healthy eating without them even knowing.I have seen kids play this game and then ask their parents for broccoli! This game really works!

Julie Masko - Raw food coach


This game is an absolute must!

'This game is genius! A fun, interactive and educational way to help our children understand why it’s important to eat their vegetables'.

'An effective way to help children learn the value and benefit of the things they eat'.

Healthy Little Eaters - Inspiring every child to feel like a superhero and eat like one!

Enhancing the lives and health of children through play.