Our mission is to inspire every child to feel like a superhero and eat like one!

We want the next generation to live, happier, healthier lives so we strive to give them the best start in life, through the promotion of healthy eating, having fun and learning about their bodies.

Hi! My name is Kate, Mum, Nutritionist, Adventure Lover, former Paediatric Nurse and founder of the business Healthy Little Eaters, where we make healthy eating Fun, Easy and Exciting!  


I remember the exact moment when I knew that I had to teach my children about the importance of healthy eating as young as possible, so that they didn't have to undo the negative effects of a poor diet like myself and many others do.

So using my medical background and passion for preventive health, I created the game Healthy Little Eaters. The game worked so well in encouraging my children to eat fruits and vegetables that I had to share it with children throughout the world.

boy holding tomato playing

 It is our biggest passion here at Healthy Little Eaters, that all children have access to learning about their bodies and the superpowers of healthy foods, whilst having as much fun as possible doing so.

So that healthy eating is the easy choice!

Discover more about the creation of the game and how it is helping children throughout the world.

superhero kids

  We sincerely hope you and your children enjoy playing the Healthy Little Eaters game as much we (and the thousands of other children) do. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the team at Healthy Little Eaters. 

Much Love,




Because every child deserves

the best possible start!